Why I Support: The Conservative Party

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By Tanya Solomon 

Some may suggest that due to recent events such as vote of no confidence in Theresa May, alongside a vote of no confidence in the current standing government, that support for the Conservative Party is a difficult position to stand for. On the contrary, I believe recent events, and the actions of multiple other parties in the house, have given me a plethora of reasons as to why I can continue to support the Conservative Party at this current time.

To begin, with the Labour Party and its current leader, the MP for Islington North Mr Jeremy Corbyn, would simply be unable to lead us in such important times for the UK. As highlighted in Mr Michael Gove’s commendable speech before the vote of no confidence in the government, Mr Corbyn did not stand with government in the fight against fascism, he does not stand with the people in regards to our national security, famously saying that he desires to be ‘like Costa Rica’ and have no army what so ever, and furthermore did not stand with Parliament to respond to the acts of terrorism committed on our soil by Vladimir Putin. It seems that without a radical change for the Labour Party, there is simply no way that I can support a party that prides itself on being for the people but cares little about the welfare of the British public.

On more general affairs rather than current ones, I also stand with the Conservative Party, even though my family background may suggest otherwise. It is a common stereotype that you simply cannot be poor or working class and at the same time support the Conservative Party. However I disagree. In fact, I believe that they are the only party that comes close to supporting the working people. The higher taxation for higher earners (of which the Conservative Party are against) is detrimental to the working class, as all it achieves is penalising the working man who wishes to work overtime. The Conservative idea also supports the possibility of a self-sustaining British economy, using the taxpayer’s money in the most beneficial places. Though not everyone will like the way in which public spending is handled, I believe the Conservative ideals are the most realist. For example, providing every single person in the UK with free university education as was stated in the Labour Party manifesto, to whichever degree they desire, will not only saturate the skill sets of the country, but will also put the UK in unbelievable amounts of debt, more than the £76 Billion pounds of university debt the country is already in.

In conclusion, I support the Conservative Party because I support the sustaining of this country and its economy. I support the importance of democracy and sustaining it throughout all of our international relations. I support the men and women in our armed forces and the amazing work they do. I support countrywide stability. I support the best course of action for the UK.

One thought on “Why I Support: The Conservative Party

  1. truly enlightening! This completely lacks any substance, gives no valuable contribution as to why anyone should vote tory, apart from a lying about taxes and a generalisation about tuition fees. It seems like tories, from parliament to the university campus, should be reminded that a personal dislike of Jeremy Corbyn is not a policy position.
    Despatch box, do better.

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