Why Political Leaders Around the World Must Pay Attention to Sadhguru’s “Save Soil” Movement 

by Olivia Singh | 13th October 2022

Save Soil is a global movement launched by Indian spiritual leader Sadhguru, to address the soil crisis and land degradation. The Isha Foundation presented the initiative on the 5th of April this year at a UN conference in Geneva and is supported by the World Health Organisation, the UN SDG lab, and The International Union for Conservation of Nature. One of the movement’s main objectives is to show governments worldwide that citizens need policies that revitalise soil and ecology. Political leaders around the world must pay attention to this movement before the whole world faces a food shortage.  

Sadhguru has shared with the world that 52% of the world’s agricultural soils are already degraded. He has made multiple videos on YouTube about the Save Soil movement, and his videos have received millions of views. In his video, Save Soil: Our Very Body | Conscious Planet, he talks about how one of the key issues the world is facing today is soil degradation, stating facts from the United Nations such as how one-third of the world’s soil is already degraded. He also brings forward facts from the World Economic Forum about how there will be 30% less food in the next 20-50 years, which will lead to a serious food crisis on the planet. Across the world, we are all on the verge of desertification. 

Political leaders of countries all around the world must unite and introduce new policies to tackle the soil crisis. More politicians must be passionate about solving ecological issues. Recently, the Prime Minister of Nepal, Sher Bahadur Deuba pledged support to the Save Soil movement. The government of Nepal announced that 30,000 trees will be planted to commemorate Sadhguru’s 30,000km Save Soil journey and that they will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Conscious Planet. Other countries around the world are also pledging their support to the movement. Six Caribbean nations have signed an MoU for the Save Soil movement, these nations are Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, St Lucia, St Kitts & Nevis, Guyana, and Barbados. Globally, 80 countries have pledged to save soil from extinction. 

Sadhguru’s 30,000km motorcycle journey across 27 nations for his Save Soil movement was successful, as it brought many political leaders across the world together to commit to saving the Earth’s soil. The movement will be on until policies are changed worldwide, the key objective of the movement is to ensure that there is at least 3-6% of organic content for agricultural soil. 

Leaders of all nations must pledge support to the movement to save our environment and prevent global food insecurity in the future. Notable global leaders have already shown their support to save soil, some of these leaders are the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev who founded Patanjali, and Dr Jane Goodall who is a UN Messenger of Peace and Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute.  

It is notable how major Western news outlets didn’t cover Sadhguru’s journey. News of the movement wasn’t covered on any of the major British news networks, although Save Soil is a global movement. The West must join forces with the East, appreciate the work of the global leaders from the East, and work to Save Soil. Ensuring that news spreads about Sadhguru’s work is vital so that globally, policymakers are aware of key problems facing our world and can write policies that protect our world.  

Sadhguru not only speaks on issues concerning the environment, but also about mental health issues, human empowerment, enlightenment, and yoga. Sadhguru is a spiritual leader all political leaders must pay attention to for the betterment of all beings. Saving the Earth’s soil is a priority for everyone; therefore, Save Soil must be given recognition by all world leaders. 

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