In Conversation With: Natasha Barrett – Free Education

 Izabela Pawlic Although the concept of free education may be as foreign to some of us, as the countries where free education systems actually exists (and there are many) – it is important to talk about it and the possibilities that we as young people have to influence how education in this country operates. SoContinue reading “In Conversation With: Natasha Barrett – Free Education”

Is There a Human Right to Democracy?

  Gavin Davies Human rights are often seen as a noble yet unrealistic goal as time and again they are not upheld in times of repression or conflict, just when they are needed most. In order to deal with this, there has been a consistent trend of forcing the spread of democracy, since democratic peaceContinue reading “Is There a Human Right to Democracy?”

“Cyberterrorism Could Be Equivalent to WW3” – So, Why Aren’t We Paying Attention?

 Jennifer Amspacher Our modern society is becoming more and more dependent on information technology each day, and while this development may come with many positive effects, it also comes with many political and security complications.

Nationalism vs. Multiculturalism: The Case for Coexistence

 Laura Serra Recent developments in world politics have led to the resurgence of popularity and influence for nationalistic parties. What is problematic about this trend is the rhetoric used by leaders and supporters of these parties, a rhetoric that at best resembles that being used during the interwar period, and at worst invokes similar politicalContinue reading “Nationalism vs. Multiculturalism: The Case for Coexistence”