B.o.W Application

Politics and International Relations Society
RHUL Despatch Box Board of Writers
Application Form

Applications for writers are now OPEN. Applications received after 23:59 Sunday the 28th October will not be considered.

Answer these questions to the best of your ability but do not worry if you get stuck.
Please answer all ‘required’ questions, and as many non-required as possible.
Be confident, be bold – you might be just what we are looking for!


Thank you very much for applying to be part of PIR Society’s Board of Writers 2018/19.
You will be notified within two weeks whether you have been successful.
If you have not been successful, we welcome additional entries from any members of the society or student body, and will happily consider single entries. If you would like to email an entry to be included on the Despatch Box, please email despatchbox.rhul@gmail.com

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