London vs Beijing: How a pathway to British Citizenship has ignited a diplomatic dispute over Hong Kong

Hong Kong has long been a valued bridge between China and the West. Over the past 18 months, however, the former British colony has increasingly become a stage for China to showcase a more aggressive foreign policy, argues Ben Askew.

Vested interests and a celebrity echo chamber stand in the way of revolutionising Indian farming

The message of how vital the need for reform is to the future of Indian farming finds itself lost in an echo chamber that prioritises the convenience of virtue signalling over a self-evident good, writes Pranoy Roy Choudhury.

Tides of Change: The Indian Election

  By Theo Larue While Britain finds itself embroiled in the complexities of its exit from the European Union, it is important to remember that other areas of the world are undergoing important evolutions that will also have effects on global politics. India is set to elect representatives to the 17th Lok Sabha (India‚Äôs lowerContinue reading “Tides of Change: The Indian Election”

Opinion Piece – Ignorance Beyond the West: East Asia

By Emma Temple Broadly accepted connotations of Eastern Asia are likely but not limited to ideas of a technological hub, a catalyst for global progression not least on an economic level but also in terms of military and material power. There is not in political practice, however, an in depth understanding of the cultural natureContinue reading “Opinion Piece – Ignorance Beyond the West: East Asia”