The Aftermath of the Political Storm in Copeland and Stoke

By Megan Harris Storm Doris caused devastation across the country on Thursday night. Wheelie bins were overturned, Car alarms were set off and trees fell. However, we awoke on Friday morning to clearer skies and the prospect of a calmer day. The same could not be said for the political storm that was brewing followingContinue reading “The Aftermath of the Political Storm in Copeland and Stoke”

In Conversation With: Natasha Barrett – Free Education

 Izabela Pawlic Although the concept of free education may be as foreign to some of us, as the countries where free education systems actually exists (and there are many) – it is important to talk about it and the possibilities that we as young people have to influence how education in this country operates. SoContinue reading “In Conversation With: Natasha Barrett – Free Education”

“Cyberterrorism Could Be Equivalent to WW3” – So, Why Aren’t We Paying Attention?

 Jennifer Amspacher Our modern society is becoming more and more dependent on information technology each day, and while this development may come with many positive effects, it also comes with many political and security complications.