What now for Syria?

By Theo Larue Nearly 7 years have elapsed since the Syrian Civil War began. 7 years during which half a million people found their untimely death, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. To this horrific number must be added the 7 million Syrians that are currently internally displaced, and the 5 million SyriansContinue reading “What now for Syria?”

US Special Forces: Threefold Increase in Central and South American Operations

By Jennifer Amspacher Though the United States has been noted as gradually decreasing military aid and involvement in Latin American countries, there has been an increase of Special Operations Forces missions in the South American continent since 2010. These missions have increased threefold.

Balkans: The Spectre of War

By Héloïse Bertrand In the Western Balkans, the inter-ethnic tensions since the explosion of the former Yugoslavia in the 90s have not vanished despite almost twenty years of relative stability. Worried about Trump’s tumultuous rise to power and the Eurosceptic wave engendered by the Brexit speculative phenomenon in the United Kingdom, the West has completelyContinue reading “Balkans: The Spectre of War”