Committee 2020/21

Royal Holloway’s Politics and International Relations Society is run by students, for students. Our Committee is elected by our members each academic year.

Eden Singh


I’m an MSc student in International Security and this year’s President of PIRSoc! My role is to support and coordinate the committee and oversee the general running of the society. Despite COVID, I’m determined to ensure that PIRSoc has an active and thriving academic year full of opportunities for our members. I hope you enjoy what we have in store this year! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I look forward to welcoming new and returning members to our society.

Britney Truong


I’m a third-year Politics and International Relations student. As this year’s secretary, my main duty is to take on the administrative role of the society, maintaining its structure and organisation. This may include keeping track of our meetings and memberships, as well as communication between the SU, the department, and students. With the pandemic ongoing, I will also be monitoring any updated guidelines to ensure that our members are safe and that PIRSoc is adhering to all rules. Despite the challenges, I am looking forward to having a fabulous year with everyone!

Veronika Kluse


 I’m a third year Politics & International Relations student and I’m Treasurer of the Society this year. My role covers all of the financial aspects of society. PIR Soc takes a special place in my heart, so I want to make the maximum contribution to it and get financial privileges for the PIR society. I highly encourage you to join PIR society, whether you’re studying politics or not, as you will have a chance to meet highly motivated people and make new friends! I’m always here to help you if you are having any sorts of issues, so feel free to contact me!

Jack Reason

IT Officer and Editor of The Despatch Box

I’m a second-year studying Politics, International Relations, and Philosophy. I’m delighted to be this year’s IT and Online Journal Officer. I’m responsible for the society’s online activity – its webpages and social media channels, etc. I’m also Editor of The Despatch Box, the society’s political journal. Established in 2016, The journal aims to provide students with a forum to broadcast their political opinions. We welcome submissions from any Royal Holloway student. It doesn’t matter whether you’re studying politics or not. If you’ve got an opinion, from whichever side of the political spectrum, we’d love to hear it. You can find the journal (as well as details on how to submit an article to us) on One of my plans for this year includes publishing the best pieces in a printed edition of The Despatch Box, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Ben Askew

Volunteering and Social Officer

I’m a second year reading Politics and International Relations, and my aim this year is to make the society’s social events as interactive as possible, despite Covid-19 restrictions. I’ll be aiming to organise events that are enjoyable for every society member and also make sure that a variety of online and in-person events are available, so that all who want to get involved can. I look forward to seeing returning members and hopefully meeting some new faces.

Lauren Ruiz

Academic Events Officer

I’m a second year Politics and International Relations student. I am this year’s Academic Events Officer on the committee where I will be focusing on the academic and informative side of the society. I aim to encourage new, exciting and diverse speakers to come to Royal Holloway and give some insightful speeches, whether that will be over zoom or in person. My first year as part of the PIR society was memorable as I was a part of the 2020 LIMUN delegation so I am extremely excited to now be on the committee. I look forward to seeing some new faces in the society this year so do not be afraid to say hello and please feel free to ask me any questions!

Joshua Castle

Careers Officer

I’m a second year History Politics and IR student. I will be planning a cross-London networking event with the other Universities of London. I have no idea how this is not an event yet?! We really should be taking advantage of being a stone’s throw away from the land of opportunity for British politics, and the attraction of the University of London system. For me, too many politics graduates do not follow their passion after university as they do not know the access points. For ease, an accountancy scheme ‘will do’. I hope to change this for as many RHUL students as possible, to follow their passion! I have experience in managing campaigns and working in the Westminster bubble which I hope will give me everything I need to make this happen.

Zoha Naser

Head Delegate, National Model United Nations, New York

I’m a second year International Relations student here at Royal Holloway! Alongside Nisar, I will be one of your two Head Delegates for this year’s NMUN conference. NMUN is an incredible opportunity learn some extremely valuable skills and to experience diplomacy at the very epicentre of foreign affairs, the United Nations. It is also a great chance to make some lifelong friends and memories, and was definitely the highlight of my first year. I cannot wait to meet all the new and returning delegates, and to make this year’s NMUN experience just as memorable and spectacular as it always is!

Nisar Said

Head Delegate, National Model United Nations, New York

I’m in my 3rd year of Politics and International Relations degree and have a keen interest in security studies and diplomacy. NMUN-NY is the largest conference of its kind. It’s mine, and partner Head Delegate Zoha’s, responsibility to train and prepare the delegation taking part in the 2021 conference in New York. I’d encourage every student at RHUL to apply for NMUN as it’s been a life-changing experience for me. It’s taught me great skills and I’ve made great friends along the way. I look forward to welcoming you all and forming a great delegation for NMUN-NY 2020/21. 

Courtney Bridges

Head Delegate, Model United Nations, London

I’m second year History, Politics & International Relations student, and one of your LIMUN Head Delegates this year. LIMUN was my first Model UN experience, and stands as the biggest conference in Europe, so I can’t recommend participation in LIMUN enough. Everyone can get involved – whether you study international relations or not or have never completed a Model UN previously. It is an incredibly rewarding opportunity where you will form lasting friendships, learn the inner workings of the UN, and gain valuable transferable skills, all while having a great time in training sessions and socials leading up to the conference in 2021. As Head Delegates this year, we endeavour to recreate and even better our own experiences for new and returning delegates, always with COVID19 in mind, ensuring LIMUN remains the amazing opportunity it is for students at Royal Holloway. I can’t wait to see you there!

Josh Butler

Head Delegate, Model United Nations, London

I’m a third-year History student. This year I am Royal Holloway’s LIMUN head delegate alongside Courtney, and we are both excited to be training this year’s delegation. After 5 years of experiencing a variety of Model United Nations conferences, I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in understanding international relations in practice, its effects on our daily lives, and how the UN helps regulate the global community. Alongside developing your diplomatic skills, I look forward to socialising with new members of society (even if it is over Zoom rather than at the SU) and recreating the brilliant bond between the students who took part in LIMUN last year. Despite the inevitable challenges that will come with training in the current situation with COVID19, both I and Courtney look forward to sharing what we have learned over the years, so we strongly encourage everyone to apply for LIMUN.

Adila Hilmi

Head Delegate, National Model United Nations International

I’m a second-year LLB Law student from Malaysia. This year, alongside Chelsea, I am going to be one of the two NMUN International Head Delegates. I am so excited to work with a team of strong, ambitious, passionate individuals to represent our university in the Czech Republic. MUN has really managed to push me outside my comfort zone and enabled me to meet some of my best friends for life. If you’re looking for a rewarding and once in a lifetime experience, trust me, MUN is the right option for you. I can’t wait to meet everyone and don’t ever be afraid to say hello!

Chelsea New

Head Delegate, National Model United Nations International

Hello! I’m Chelsea, and I am a Postgrad student studying Terrorism and Counterterrorism. This year alongside my fantastic partner Adila, I will be one of the two NMUN International Head Delegates. NMUN is a community of ambitious, like-minded people who wish to better the world in any small or large way possible. This experience will allow you to debate pressing worldwide issues, learn several transferable skills, as well as make friends for life. NMUN most significantly gave me the space to find my long-lost confidence! I look forward to meeting you all.

Olivia Migliari

Academic Families Coordinator

I am a third-year PIR student. I am excited to be working as this year’s Academic Families Coordinator. I’ve found that in previous years not enough students have taken advantage of the Academic Families Scheme, so hopefully this year we can change that.

The scheme is there to support first-year students settling into university, building connections within the department, and offering an alternate point of call to academic staff (for those questions that sometimes seem minor or embarrassing!).

As we enter the academic year with extraordinary conditions, this kind of support network is especially important, so please do message me or email the society if you are interested or have any questions!

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