Committee 2022/23

Royal Holloway’s Politics and International Relations Society is run by students, for students. Our Committee is elected by our members each academic year.

Scarlett Proudfoot


Hi! I’m Scarlett (she/her), a 3rd year Politics and International Relations student.

I was a LIMUN Delegate in 1st year, a LIMUN Head Delegate in 2nd year, and now I’m your president!

With my amazing committee, we will deliver socials, academic events, careers advice, writing advice, and so much more.

I am so excited for the year to come, and hopefully I’ll see you at our events in the future!

Sharanya Sivarajah


Hi, I’m Sharanya (she/her). I’m in my 3rd year studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics, and I’m so excited to be your Secretary this year. I’ve been involved with PIRSoc all throughout my degree, and it’s been a thoroughly rewarding experience.

My role is tied to the administrative side of the society, meaning I help the President and the rest of the society plan meetings, socials, events etc.

As I mentioned in my manifesto, diversity and inclusivity is something I hold dear to my heart. My goal this year is to ensure that PIRSoc remains a welcoming and safe space for everyone regardless of their backgrounds.

Oliver Case


Hey, I’m Oli. I’m the new PIRSoc Treasurer. I’m a second-year Economics, Politics and International Relations BSc student, and I’m excited to be your treasurer.

We have some super exciting events coming up; hopefully, lots of you will come along.

PIR is a great community, and it’s full of amazing people. As treasurer, I hope to grow the community further!

Looking forward to meeting you all; come and say hi if you see me or anyone else from the committee around 🙂

Alex Smith

Editor of The Despatch Box and IT Officer

Hi, I’m Alex, your Online Journal and IT Officer for this year. I’m currently studying MSc Elections, Campaigns, and Democracy, and am very excited to take on the role of Editor-in-Chief of The Despatch Box, PIRSoc’s political journal. If you’re interested in writing articles, have a look at our website ( to read through our current articles and submit your own.

Meera Saravanan

Careers Officer


I’m Meera, and I’m a Second Year Politics student. I am so excited to be your Careers Officer for the coming year!

The current political climate is definitely daunting, and I want to make sure that all students have access to every opportunity possible. My main goal for this academic year is to create a more inclusive and diverse community within PIRSoc!

I’ve got big plans for this year, from a LinkedIn Crash Course to a Women in Politics Networking Event, and I want to make sure we’re catering to all. I have had experience working in politics across the country and I hope that this will aid me in supporting you, with your career.

I’m excited for you to see what we have in store for you this year, and if you ever see me around campus feel free to say hi!

Giulia Potger

Volunteering and Social Officer

Hey I’m Giulia (she/her) and I’m currently in my second year studying BA Politics and International Relations.

Myself and fellow committee members have some really exciting socials and events lined up for this academic year which we would love everyone to join.

The people that I have met from the society throughout my first year have been very influential in my social and academic circles. I would like to continue this important community for the next year, welcoming in the new students from all years with providing inclusive social events, combined networking socials and cross society events.

I would also be helping students find volunteering opportunities and helping them with their applications.

Looking forward to meeting you all and come say hi if you see me or any committee member on campus!!

Courtney Bridges

Academic Events Officer

Hi everyone – I’m Courtney, a fourth year History, Politics and International Relations student returning from a year abroad in Toronto, Canada.

You may have seen me around before as one of LIMUN’s Head Delegates but this year I’m back as your Academic Events Officer with lots planned!

Hopefully last week’s event featuring Jon Telch was a taster of what’s to come: a consistent, student driven, and collaborative approach.

I’m incredibly grateful to say that PIRSoc has been such a huge part of my university life, while here and abroad. It’s where I’ve met life-lasting friends, and so I can’t wait to meet and see you all throughout the year!

Josh Sebon

LIMUN Head Delegate

Hi everyone! I hope you have all had a great start to the academic year!
Im Josh- a final year History, Politics and IR student and one of your LIMUN head delegates. It will be a real honour to lead our delegation alongside Molly, where we will build a great community feeling: one which provides a valuable, enjoyable and challenging experience, promoting self-development and inspiring us all!
I am very much looking forward to the year ahead not only for LIMUN, but also for the number of amazing upcoming events with our PIR Society! I look forward to seeing you all there

Molly Taylor

LIMUN Head Delegate

Hello, my name is Molly (she/her).
I am a 2nd year BA International Relations student.

Last year was my first ever LIMUN. I represented the delegation of France alongside Josh (above) in the United Nations Security Council.

Outside of LIMUN, and university I am passionate about tackling youth loneliness, and enjoy hiking when I get the chance!

As head delegate, I want to ensure that delegates feel empowered and listened to, I am committed to being inclusive throughout the process, for example, this year during interviews offering reasonable adjustments to those that need It and bringing icebreakers to every session to foster relationships between ALL delegates. We will also be letting delegates steer socials through regular polls and allowing them to use their voice when thinking about what committees interest them most. To top this off, Josh and myself have worked hard to create comprehensive general guides and speech guides that delegates can get the most out of their LIMUN experience.

Annelie Tanzer

NMUN New York Head Delegate

Hi everyone, I hope you have all had a great start to the academic year! I’m Annelie, a third year Politics, Philosophy and International Relations student. After two years of NMUN NY experience, I am beyond excited to take on the role as head delegate this year. I look forward to meeting as many new members of PIRSOC in person as possible.

Madelaine Gray

NUMUN New York Head Delegate

Hi all! Hope you’ve had a great start to the new year.

I’m Madelaine, a second year Law with Politics student and one of this year’s NMUN New York head delegates.

It’s a great honour and privilege to take on this role alongside Annelie, and I’m so excited for the year ahead!

Ashling Hammerton

NMUN International Head Delegate

Hi, I’m Ashling. I will be a head delegates for NMUN International 2021/22. I am delighted to take on this role and I cannot wait to take a fantastic delegation all the way to Japan. NMUN was the highlight of my first year and it could not have done more to improve my confidence and public speaking skills. I met some amazing people, and I have the pleasure of leading this delegation with my co-head Hassan. I am very excited to form a brilliant delegation and I would encourage everyone to apply as I can guarantee that this will be one of your best experience at university!

Hassan Moinuddin

NUMUN International Head Delegate

Hey, I’m Hassan and I am a third year Philosophy student. I will be one of the head delegates for NMUN International 2021/2022. I am thrilled to take on a new perspective of the NMUN system after being a part of the previous delegation. NMUN International has certainly been one of the highlights of my first year at Royal Holloway since it gave me opportunities to improve my public speaking skills, engage in teamwork as well as meet many likeminded individuals through the wider PIRSOC. It is an honour for me to be able to continue the tradition alongside with my co-head Ashling and we’ll ensure that it’s a magnificent delegation for you all wanting to join. I cannot wait to meet you guys soon, it’ll be a great time for everyone!

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