Committee 2019/2020

President: Joshua Trood

Hello, I’m Josh and I’m the president of the Politics and International Relations Society this year at Royal Holloway. I am committed to sustaining and improving our fantastic student led activities and the sense of community that this society provides through working this this year’s incredible incoming committee and the PIR Department. Whether you’re looking for experience, fun or academic development our society has something for everyone.

Secretary: Sophie Minter

Hi, my name is Sophie and I’m m this year’s PIR Secretary. I’m a third, well technically forth year Politics and International Relations student just returning from a Year Abroad. After being heavily influenced by studying in the US, my passion is security studies (if you ever fancy a thought-provoking conversation about weapons, I’m always up for it). My role is to make sure everything runs smoothly, emails are sent out and communication with speakers, faculty and students is perfect, but my goals for this year extend beyond this. So as someone apparently “good” at organising I am looking to organise more socials between our members and other society’s members. I would encourage everyone to dive in, as societies and model UN’s are a great place to find friends and something more…. My top tip: work hard and play hard-ish. If you’re ever looking for company in the library I’m always sat on the second floor. I look forward to meeting all of y’all.


Treasurer: Connor Lailvaux

Hi there! My name is Connor, and I’m your new Treasurer. I am a Second year History, Politics, and International Relations student. My role covers the financial aspects of the society’s organisation and if you’re ever interested in finding out more about the society and what it can offer please don’t hesitate to send me a message!

Social Secretary: Meg Jones

Hi, I’m Meg Jones and this year I am your volunteering and social officer. I look forward to spending time with you all at the social events to come throughout the academic year. The various events held by the society throughout my time at university have given me some of the happiest memories with my peers, and these are the kind of memories we hope to give you the opportunity to create.

Academic Events Officer: Lewis Virgo

Hello, my name is Lewis Virgo and I am the Academic Events Coordinator for the PIR Society 2019/20. I recently graduated Royal Holloway with a BA in Politics and I am currently doing a MSc in Elections, Campaigns and Democracy here too. I have been a member of the PIR Society since my first year. It was a honour to serve as Secretary last year and I’m delighted to be back on Committee for this year. I am the link between the Department and the Society. I also help run events that are more academically inclined (of course). My goals for this year is to have speakers come in and make pub quizzes a more regular thing. I will also help with running of the Society where needs be. Hope you all have a great year and I’m always happy to help with any questions or queries about your degree, the department etc


Careers Officer: Ian Hayes

Hi I’m Ian and I’m your new careers officer for this year! I’m a third year BA Politics student, dirty dirty centrist and I want to build on the good work done last year in this role and expand the networking and careers events with politics!

OJ/IT Officer: Sarah Tennent

Hi I’m Sarah and I am acting OJ/IT Officer! I love journalism and political writing, The Despatch Box is a huge part of my role, it is Royal Holloway’s prominent political journal and is a great way for students to further their writing abilities and express their political opinions!

Academic Families Officer: Sarah Tennent

Hey, I’m Sarah and I am a third year Politics and International Relations student! I am your Academic Families Coordinator which is a really great part of PIR soc! It enables support for first year students and is a fantastic way to meet like-minded people. I am really looking forward to meeting new students and help them make the best of their first year at Royal Holloway!


NMUN Head Delegate: Alexandre De Silva

Hi, I’m Alexandre De Silva and this year, I will be one of the two NMUN Head-Delegates. It is our responsibility to organise the annual participation to the world’s largest Model UN conference in New York City. I look forward to meet the future delegates who wish to participate in what was for me a life-changing experience.


NMUN Head Delegate: Eden Singh

Hey! I’m Eden, a Third-Year History Student! This year, alongside Alexandre, I am one of the NMUN Head Delegates. I cannot recommend NMUN enough, I learnt skills that will be valuable in any context of life, gained prestigious experience and made lifelong friends. It would be my pleasure to give the delegation of 2020 an experience that was as good, if not better than the one I had this year!

LIMUN Head Delegate: Britney Truong

Hi everyone, I’m Britney, a second year Politics and International Relations student. This year I am Royal Holloway’s LIMUN head delegate alongside George. We are incredibly excited to be prepping the delegation, from the first training all the way to conference. LIMUN was my first Model UN event and I can undoubtedly say it has been a positive experience. For anyone who is looking to learn diplomatic skills, the inner workings of the UN, or to be part of a great community, LIMUN is the ideal place to begin. George and I are here to recreate our great experiences and to share what we have learned, so we strongly encourage everyone to apply (whether you study PIR or not). I look forward to seeing new and returning delegates!


LIMUN Head Delegate: George Finch

Hello rhulers, I’m George (third year IR student), and I’m one of your two Head Delegates for LIMUN 2020. LIMUN is an excellent conference for those without any model UN experience, and Britney and I are here to prepare Royal Holloway’s delegation for next February. If you have any questions about applications, training, or model UNs in general, feel free to send me a message!

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