Academic Events

The society arranges a series of academic events throughout the year including keynote speakers, panel discussions and seminars. These are centered on key developments in politics and international relations including international security, British and EU politics, development, the UN, the environment, civil society campaigning as well as helping students gain better grades and work experience. Regular guest speakers have included government ministers, MPs, MEPs, diplomats, academics, business representatives, civil society campaigners, and others to give members insight and guidance to understanding issues in politics and international affairs.

Career Events

We further organise events looking at giving opportunities for students to work on developing their professional pursuits and abilities. These have in the past included Linkedin profile workshops, interview seminars, and C.V. help desks.

Social Events

We also make sure to run social events so that our members have time to get to know one another. These events range from screening films or going to the pub to more upscale events such as dinners and the Royal Holloway Societies Ball.


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