PIRP Department 2018-2019

To help in your vote for the Golden Apple Awards, here’s a complete list of all PIRP lecturers in 2018-19:

Nicholas Allen (Democracy in Britain; Leadership, Power & the British Prime Ministership; Political Leaders & Democratic Politics)

Michael Bacon (Modern Political Thought; Contemporary Political Theory; Issues in Democratic Theory; Theories of Freedom; Contemporary Anglo-American Political Theory)

Giacomo Benedetto (Understanding the EU; Public Policy in the EU; Power & Money in the EU; EU Politics & Policy)

Michelle Bentley (War & Security; Transnational Security Studies; Genocide & Humanitarian Intervention)

Andrew Bowie (Modern Philosophy)

Anthony Bruno (European Philosophy)

Elinor Carmi (Internet & New Media Politics)

Licia Cianetti (Politics of Russia & Eastern Europe)

Sofia Collignon (Political Communication; Leaders & Political Communication; Elections and Campaigning)

Tom Dyson (International Organisations; Defence and Security Governance; Military Change in 21st Century; Understanding Defence)

Neil Gascoigne (Mind and World; Varieties of Scepticism)

Andreas Goldthau (International Political Economy; Global Energy Policy; International Public Policy; International Public Policy Practice)

Ursula Hackett (American Political Development)

Chris Hanretty (Introduction to Politics & Government)

Ibrahim Halawi (Contemporary Middle East Politics)

Lyn Johnstone (IR Theory)

Will Jones (Politics Outside The West; Refugees and Migration)

Mohammed Kalantari (Islam & West Asia in IR)

Frederick Laker (Classic & Contemporary Readings in PIR; Analysing International Politics)

John Mattausch (British in India)

Ben O’Loughlin (Introduction to IR; Visual Politics; Media, War & Conflict)

Ivica Petrikova (International Development; Political Economy of Development; Global Politics of Food Security)

Nat Rutherford (Contemporary Political Theory; Advanced Topics in Political Philosophy)

Cassie Schwartz (Researching PIR; Political Protest)

John Sellars (Good Life in Ancient Philosophy)

Kaat Smets (Researching PIR; Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods; Analysing Public Opinion)

Henry Somers-Hall (Philosophy and the Arts; Philosophy of Religion)

Thomas Stubbs (International Political Economy; Global Health Policy; Development Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa)

James Sloam (Politics in Action; Comparative Foreign Policy; Young People’s Politics; Democracy & Citizenship in Europe)

Edward Thornton (Modern Philosophy; Mind & Consciousness)

Ellen Watts (Researching PIR)

David Wearing (US Foreign Policy; Issues in US Foreign Policy; Political Economy of Middle East)

Daniel Whistler (Ethics & Aesthetics; Philosophy & Literature)

Nathan Widder (Classic & Contemporary Readings in PIR; Political Philosophy; Modern Political Thought; Radical Political Theory; Contemporary Continental Political Thought; Identity, Power & Radical Theory)

Chi Zhang (Understanding China’s Rise)

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