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PIRP Boat Party 2019: 31/05/2019

No photo description available.Join us and the lecturers for the 2019 PIRP End of Year Boat Party!


The boat (Naticia, aka Jewel of London) will leave from London Eye Pier and travel to the Thames Barrier and back.


Embark; 18:45-19:00pm
Return time by 11pm at Festival Pier


If you have a plus one (or two, three), please feel free to bring them along – the more the merrier! Tickets apply as usual and can be bought here: https://onlinestore.rhul.ac.uk/product-catalogue/events-and-conferences/politics-and-international-relations-pir/pir-social/pirp-boat-party-2019?fbclid=IwAR0igMuNR8F7g3JezmHW3cz9TTV3kwSTw1oCn97YNDHGgi4G-x3HyMA6Wvg


Tickets are £35, including a welcome drink.
There will be an onboard DJ, bar and photographer.


Lastly, the presentation of the ‘Golden Apple Awards’ for the lecturers will take place!


** All profits made will be re-invested into the students.

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