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The Despatch Box is a political journal published by the Royal Holloway Politics and International Relations Society, edited by Editors-In-Chief Adila Hilmi and PIRSOC President Ben Askew.

Established in 2016, the journal aims to provide students with a forum to broadcast their opinions and develop their political writing skills.

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UK Terrorism Threat Level Raised to “Severe”

Urging the public to be “alert but not alarmed”, Home Secretary Priti Patel has downplayed the threat to the country’s national security, but Grace Rollison argues that the move should not be seen as merely a precautionary measure.

The Murder of George Floyd

Sarah Tennent writes from the position of a white person about the murder of George Floyd and systemic racism. This article contains petitions, places to donate and book recommendations for white people to educate themselves.

Golden Apple Award Winners

Following from two weeks of nominations and voting, students have come together to recognise the lecturer and student who has gone above and beyond for PIR at Royal Holloway! Politics and International Relations Society are pleased to announce the lecturer PIR students recognised who had gone above and beyond their role, enriched student learning andContinue reading “Golden Apple Award Winners”

A Tale of Two Parliaments: John Bercow joins Holloway Faculty

On the 10th of January, Prof. Nicholas Allen announced that the recently resigned Speaker of the House of Commons would be gracing the hallowed halls of Royal Holloway with a talk by the name of ‘A Tale of Two Parliaments’. The day of his highly anticipated appearance at Holloway started at 7:58am when Prof. OliverContinue reading “A Tale of Two Parliaments: John Bercow joins Holloway Faculty”

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